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Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. Jan 2nd, , PM. I am beginner in Rc planes, maybe it is a silly question but asking anyway: Do anyone have the experience to tell me who is the overall best Rc plane manufacturer?? I thinking about the electric planes within pricerange Dollars! Especially Warbirds Tags: None. Freewing and Flightline. No contest they're the best in my book. Scale, power, price, quality. I haven't found a match yet. Eflite: good quality and price, but not scale. Drives me crazy. AS3X is nice, though, and just about every plane they make comes with that now installed.

That's a good deal. You can get these just about any where, that's good. Had a couple FMS planes. Very scale looking, but underpowered. Had to upgrade the engines on all of them just to get some decent speed. Quality is not bad, but not as good as Freewing or Flightline.

Good news on FMS, you can buy parts at your local hobby store, because they are carried by Horizon now. Dymam: wouldn't touch one. Seen a few go very bad with quality control at our club.

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Seem to have plenty of power, but you never know what you're going to get. Hope this helps. Comment Post Cancel. Oh, if you have any experience with trainers and are ready for a warbird, I probably would recommend an Eflite mm P with AS3X as the best way to step up.

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Don't go Corsair right now. It's more difficult to take off and land. After you get the P down, go to a Freewing or Flightline warbird. You won't regret it. Good luck. Jan 3rd, , AM.

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Originally posted by Mrw View Post. Agree with Flightline and Freewing for scale warbirds. I wouldn't really call them beginner warbirds though. As AZ said, an EFlite 1. As in most topics of discussion, opinions are as varied as there are Victoria Secret underwear.

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If you are a beginner, perhaps a warbird isn't the best place to start, but if you must, you might want to keep your investment lower than higher because you will crash. True that the cheaper ones may be more problematic but fixing a crashed cheap one and a crashed expensive one will require similar effort but the expensive one will likely cost more in parts.

It might be smarter to start with a trainer type plane. As for "best", even the top tier manufacturer's products will have quirks and idiosyncratic issues, just fewer of them. I fly all of the ones mentioned already and they all need some attention to make them "better". With that said, I have no qualms about Dynam whatsoever. It is an economy brand that produces fairly decent planes for lower dollars.

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I am reminded of an analogy with Corvette sports cars. Starting in the 80's, all the magazines would say each year that "this is the best Vette yet". I've owned 2 from the 80's and 90's and I've known many owners of Vettes and quite frankly, as far as being the "best", sometimes the best is only as good as it can get at the time and there's still lots of room for getting better and in some cases, "best" still not quite good enough. This applies to all RC electric model manufacturers. For proof, take a look at the treads on any of the FMS, Freewing and Dynam products on this forum and other forums.

You will see clearly what owners have experienced.

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  • They ALL have examples of issues and less than desirable "out of the box" situations. Originally posted by xviper View Post. Jan 3rd, , PM.

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    Same answer here. If you're brand new to the hobby, I would not recommend starting off with a Warbird. Rather get yourself a high wing trainer like the Apprentice S. Hot Items. Best Sellers. Timber X 1. Maule M-7 1. Extra 3D 1. Turbo Timber 1.

    Valiant 1. Conscendo Advanced 1. PD Mustang 1. Night Radian FT 2.

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